Speedy Defrost Tray


Can't wait all day for your frozen meat to thaw? Just place it on this Speedy Defrost Tray and it'll be ready for you to cook in a matter of minutes! No longer will you sit around and wait forever for your food. Make cooking easier!


Main Features:

  • Defrosts your frozen meat and food naturally and quickly, cutting down cooking time
  • Keeps the original taste and nutritious value in your food
  • Prevents messes from the thawing process, saves time and effort
  • Supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Made from FDA-approved Pig Iron
  • Eco-friendly, hygienic, safe, durable, easy to clean
  • A safer and better alternative to thawing using the microwave or leaving your food out on the counter all day
  • Available in Black
  • A wonderful housewarming gift
  • Perfect for your home kitchen, restaurant, etc.



Product Size: 23x16.5x0.3cm

Product Weight: 299g/10.54oz

Package Component: 1 x Tray