All in One Paper Tower Dispenser


Keep your kitchen essentials organized and in one place. This wall mount paper towel holder with spice rack makes your kitchen efficient and convenient in unimaginable ways. The holder has two dispensers for your foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper! Each dispenser has a sliding cutter to dispense and trim your paper quickly and easily. The top of the holder is flat, so you can keep frequently-used spices close at hand. with blades and smooth handle to ensure clean cut for quick dispensing and food prep/storage. Ergonomic design, convenient for use.


  • Built in dispensers for plastic wrap and aluminum foil with space on top for spices.
  • Ergonomic Design, Very Convenient for Use.
  • Easy one hand operation provides easy access to your kitchen necessities.
  • The bottom of the bracket bar can be disassembled, suitable for 28cm length of the paper towel.
  • Two kinds of cutter button; round cutter for tin paper or oil-absorbing paper, triangular cutter for plastic wrap.
  • Removable paper towel support holder rod, very practical.

Organizing your Paper Towels and Tinfoil has never been easier with this Multi-function Dispenser that allows you to Dispense both Paper Towels, Tinfoil and Plastic Wrap while giving you a nifty shelf Space on the top. You can pretty much put anything on the top Storage piece, not just Spices. It's really Neat and Cool looking device that will give your Kitchen a much more Organized Feeling.